What Halloween dinos did you pick?

Can you guys remember what dinos you picked for the halloween event? The survey was so long ago all I remember was picking TRex because I really needed it back then!

But if anyone’s memory has less holes than mine, what did you guys pick?

Haha, propably spino as it is my favorite dinosaur. Here’s to hoping her gen 2 gets awesome meta relevant unique one day!

I think I picked Tanycolagreus, Allosaurus, Suchomimmus, T. Rex, Gorgosuchus, Gorgosaurus, Tryostronix, Indominus Rex and Indoraptor

I am not sure what the other rare I picked was…

Oh yes I think I picked Tryostronix purely based on looks because it’s ugly and scary looking. :joy:

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I picked based on looks as well.

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I now realised I picked Suchotator as my 2nd rare. :smiley:

I def picked Tryostronix, Erlidominus, and Tany. :slight_smile:

I know one I picked was gryposuchus, purely based on how it looked in its thumbnail. I only recently learned that it does not have a bulging blue bug eye, that’s just a blue spot behind its little beady yellow eyes.

I’m so so sorry. I’m sure this time around everyone picking the most cute dinosaurs just went for what DNA they need. “Awwww, those uniques are sooooo cute!”