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What happen here


Being brief, about 3 hours ago i go out and dart some uniques, after darting the 3 indoraptors near my house i return to chill out a while meanwhile the stops refresh, now i’ve encountered this

let me explain the photo, the stop where the tryko is was the second in mi route and is the only one who has a dino again, what on earth is going on


Yeah, many of mine were empty. Those with dinos, more than 60% were all dioraja. This has been a killer.


I thought this was an erlidom events… every stop ive been to today had an erlidom… my plans for a tryko went out the window quickly as i decided might as well go all in on erlidom… i should be doimg tryko fuses next week anyway and my golden chicken is still level 17.


I got super lucky, 4 of the 5 drops I first went to all had tryko, finished all the attempts within an hour