What happen to the epic rate encounter on map?


Since you release the latest updated you told us that we are going to have a higher chances of encountering Rare or Epic creatures on map

Yes, at first, i saw a lot of improvement and really like it, i encounter more than 8 Epics everyday when i go to work, come back home or go to fitness

But for a couples of day, the rate of encounter the EPIC seem really low (likely before the update), i encounter only 2-3 Epics per day, and this is not FUN


ahaha, are you really complaining about the spawn rates now, I use to see one once a week and now it went up to 2-4 a day, also if Ludia allowed you to get around 8 epics a day, they would most likely be out of buisness, so please think before typing a complaint


For me walking streets does not work. I know some people are getting huge amounts. I believe about 1 in 20 things spawned are the good stuff. So it seems the general spawn rate is just not enough. Because it would take hours to see 20 dino’s since patch.

I shouldn’t be walking a mile in a big city and only having a 2 or 3 commons in drone range.


Ok may be I didn’t mention clear enough, i think it wasn’t the amount only, the other condition was the distance u travel each day. I may traveling more than u, so i get more chance to encounter the epic than u, right?

But the thing I wanna mentioned is:-
before the update, i encounter 2-3 epics/day
after the update, i encounter 8 epics/day
yesterday, i encounter 2 epics
today, 1 epic
(Bases on nearly the same distance traveling)


My theory of what changed is they reduced timed spawns and increased walk over spawning.

So you’d get less on a bus tram train car. In theory it should help walkers like me but it means I need to remember where I trigger stuff. Which is a lot of relearning.


Nah, driving counts as walking. So using a bus for example is spawning Dinos right next to you like crazy.


It’s only a theory so probably not worth posting sorry. But to clear up the Internet disagreement.

I’m suggesting travel over spawns have moved. If they are still on the bus route or vehicle route no difference. But if they move a road across you no longer hit them. The area may still have same spawn potential. But I need to try other routes. Public transport sticks to its route so walkers and some other transport has an advantage. In my case I’m just a creature of habit walking same way. Any way I got a map app let’s you label maps as you go. Satalite map to hide my location a bit.


That’s interesting…I think that the time of day and respawn rates (lasting multiple days) also have an effect on the number of Epics players see. For example, if I’m going to see a T-Rex in my neighborhood within sight of my house, it’s at two specific locations and more often than not between 11-12 p.m. However, it’s not every day–I might see the T-Rex spawn at those two locations for two days in a row, and then not see it again for a week.

That being said, I agree that walking or traveling on new routes could prove useful as well. I think I might try @David_Courtney’s method of marking waypoints while darting or noting creature locations, though…I think it could prove rather useful for “planning my hunt,” so to speak.