What happend to the tourney?

I was battling and 10 minutes ago it said that the tourney will end in 1 h and 5 m.

Not it says that it ended and to collect.

what happened?

It looks like Ludia decided to Spring forward. Today’s strike towers appeared as well.

Day light savings time kinda messes those up. same with the strike towers and alliance missions.
there really isn’t a perfect way to do it.

Yes they did for me too but the alliance missions still need 50 m.

What happend? @Ned

could be because they use two different systems for calculating reset.
Alliance missions on a 7 day timer (168 Hours) and the others set to a specific time of day (10 am EST)
I’m not entirely sure, but seems like the most reasonable explanation to me.


Yeah makes sense.

@Ned? Please give me an answer.

I was battling and it said that I had one hour and in the next battle it told me to collect!!!

Btw I am furious!

This has happened across two of my other games as well. Events ending early. I loathe daylight savings time with a passion, especially since the UK have a different (still pointless) day to change.

Thank goodness Dragon Quest of the Stars seems to use your own country’s time, so nothing gets lost.

Well I only play this game and nothing else so I need an official answer.

They must have chosen to switch it up because of the time change.

The time in my country will change in 2 weeks so that is not an excuse for me either an official answer!

there should be some way to program it that it will show the correct time on the count down. Especially if different countries do the time change on different days. (in the US it was Saturday the 8th)

Their answer will be the same as mine, I assure you.

Has it stoped for all of you or people can still play??

It’s stopped for me.

I have the same thing with the alliance mission rewards

Hey everyone, it is possible that the DST (Daylight Saving Time) had something to do with it. Our team has been notified, and they’ll be sure to look into this.

Thank you!

So, some of the game was affected by that but not the alliance missions??

Anyway, I expect at least my extra 150000 coins cause I had one more hour to even get to top 100.

Ours isn’t until the end of the month. It would be nice if the game could actually recognize this kinda thing.

Still looking to this? Where are my coins???