What happened here?

Nothing to do with the game, but the forums. Not sure what happened or fix it.

Mobil works fine. But the desktop site wants me to learn a new language.

maybe the native language changed. Do you have children at home or does the search engine have a translator?

It’s all numbers and fractions forr text. Screen names and topic titles arent scrambled.

Did I glitch out the page?

it may be a bug on pc, try restarting pc

Yeah. That was it.

Idk why I didnt try step 1 of troubleshooting.

Never mind. It still did it again.

Could you check in another computer?

i think i got it figured out this time. 95% positive it was the browser that was causing the problem.

to rarify say is the system or the computer

Idk why, but lets be honest all of us who saw this were like hey thats my icon while looking at the 2 pictures.

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