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What happened in 1.8.39?

Usually when an update drops, we get a little note on what was changed.

So, today, we got 1.8.39 (at least, Android users did). What changed?


I just deleted my app on my iPhone and downloaded a fresh copy from the Apple Store.
Version 1.8.39 is what I now have, as well.
There was no notice that an upgrade was available, so it must be a minor change or prep for a future event.

You think if they were doing an update that they could have at least gotten rid of those stupid blue strike towers with the rockets and missiles poking out the tops. Canada Day was over a month ago.


in the past. nowadays ludia communication with community is way less.

i should usually make some sarcasm, like “maybe an update to make a little more money and give us a little more bugs”, but even my humor is less with jwa.

then i can say something like: minor changes, like those 100 bug fixes we didn’t notice when 1.8 released.


They probably decided to create new bugs…
I just won a match, I received the coins and the incubator, but this is the first time I win 0 trophy.


I re-installed JWA this morning, and played for a while over lunch.
The game locked me out several hours ago at 16/24 and even uninstalling and re-installing hasn’t fixed it.

I wouldn’t update just yet if I were you.
I haven’t seen this problem on my phone since April.

that happened me too, my first match after the update, and now i can’t boost my Erlikospix, don’t know if it’s something about the servers or that update bring more bugs like always (THANKS LUDIA)

I don’t know if it is Murphy’s Law or the most amazing support I’ve ever gotten in an online game. I sent an e-mail to the support address and the game got past 16/24 and loaded properly within 3-1/2 minutes.

Happy Cael is Happy.

I thought the fireworks were for the 4th of July? Either way they’ve been up since the beginning of July and need to be removed.