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What happened to alliance rewards


Why it is disappeared i dont know what happen to clan quest its so confusing when i open its gone

Alliance achievements are gone

Same here! Except I can actually see the missions, but all our work disappeared. I think we must have ran out of time, so the alliance has to start from scratch?


The same thing happened in our alliance. It keeps resetting. I didn’t receive any Sino DNA. :frowning:


Same. sigh


Me too what the hell


Something was wrong. Alliance missions were reset to zero.


Is it just me or everyone’s reward is reset to 0?image


I can’t even VIEW my Alliance’s missions at all!!


Me too But its like this


We were supposed to have 1 day x hours. Now NOTHING!


We got an additional week. Keeping our results/progress. Plus I could reclaim all awards again…Weird…


We still had a full day left, I thought.


I bought the special new years bundle for 70 bucks and decided to spend the bundled cash on rare capsuals. After opening all that i could i went to check on the progress on our alliances goals to thoes cool dino dna bundles

Only to see them reset to the point where it looks like we havent made ANY progress!!!Screenshot_20190209-190702_JW%20Alive

I know we were gold with the bundle with the sinceratops, and no, we dont cheat! We all worked hard to earn the levels we got.


Mine disappeared and says 0 minutes left. Then it showed eloration was completed but I couldn’t interact with it.


Ours is stuck like this


One of my Alliance’s members says he claimed the rewards.


I actually got double the rewards for the first three levels our alliance made it to but my timer reset for an additional 8 days. We are still at the same level as before but now it appears we have another 8 days ?? I was looking forward to my sino dna in Monday!


Its not the time but why it is reset


Honestly I wasn’t paying attention to the clock haha, but I’m sure we all had the same amount of time ! So I don’t know what happened :sob:


I got my rank 3 defense incubator!! Lol