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What happened to alliance rewards


No, plz keep Owen. Calm down I’m sure they will fix it and make it right. At least they better my alliance was almost to the top rank.
Yes there could be some changes but overall it’s a great game and has had great improvements.


totally agree , it’s not just that they are gone, we had like 1 day left…


Well, everyone gets a participation trophy.
Everyone gets +1 prize.
Sorry for all the work you did if you would have finished or were finished, you get the top prize you were going to get.
Everyone below you got a bonus.

You’re welcome


Before you worry about events, you should be concerned about fixing bugs. The game is great and I was ready to become a VIP, after that I gave up. Please convert this as soon as possible so that the confidence of the players in the company is maintained. Thankful.


Well, at least I’m not the only one.

Received my rewards for the Defense incubator, but nothing for the Attack one. Now they’ve been refreshed back to 0. I was looking forward to that Sino DNA too :frowning:


Are the rewards cumulative, or just one incubator per level?
They only went up 100 DNA each level, but each level was significantly more difficult to achieve.

I would hope they are cumulative.


It’s not fixed at all. It’s stuck and doesn’t change. No matter what happens it reverts to this static base image

Feels bad man


They’re giving us all participation trophies on Monday.


Why are the results of the alliance mission deleted?
Yesterday, I got new missions and returned to 0? ! ! ! why?!!!
What will be the rewards that have been deleted?


They also need to fix the reset. None of what my alliance has done is registering and we can’t see what the rewards are.


@Marjan_Mijalkovic @Tim_Serabian

Think both of u need to read the first post on this thread i linked below



The problem with our ‘reward’ is that it is LESS than it would have been for some of us.

Yes, we were about to be rank 5 for exploration, so the same. But for defense, we were finishing up the last part for rank 3 and still had over a day to get to rank 5.

Many other alliances were in the same position.

This does not make up for the disincentive to play the game. An extra incubator, or coins, or something would cost Ludia nothing. And would go over better than giving us less for their mistake.


Why do they keep resetting it though? It resets over and over again, not just once. What is going on???


Its prolly just the code bugging out. Last I heard they dont work weekends so I doubt the resetting has anything to do with the developers.

Lets hope they can get this all sorted out and soon. I know a ton of people who are just out of patience and ready to move on from this game if its just gonna be neglected.


Still waiting for our reward. Dude… extremely frustrating.


Wait till this morning


Do you mean the donation milestones? They’re automatically collected the next time you open the donation page after the reset if you did not collect them manually


No they mean the alliance mission rewards which have not yet been given out.


When will the rewards of alliance missions be effective? Gracias!!!