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What happened to alliance rewards


They said sometime on Monday they’ll send them out so I guess we just wait now


Wt… Where is our alliance mission progress we were in the epic incubator. This should be compensated!? Our hard earned progress just disappeared?


Read: [News] Jurassic World Alive | Alliance Missions Issue (02/09)


Give every1 2 lunar packs as goodwill for screwing up


There was an issue over the weekend. I am sorry I was not working so I just found out this morning. Jorge has posted more info which I will quote below.

UPDATE: Please note that all Alliance Mission rewards will effectively be sent out on Monday (02/11), as intended. The rewards will reflect a + 1 to the tiers achieved prior to the issue with the feature to compensate for the inconvenience.


It’ll probably be at the same time the soft resets occur. About 9am EST in the USA. So in about 20 minutes


Well what about the new alliance missions started few hours ago? Is it just bug or it’s our new missions for this week with same rewards?


I don’t know much more than you guys in terms of what the rewards are week to week. Sorry but I can’t shed any light on that.


So still nothing happened. We had a rank 5 Sino inc and rank 4 conca incubator but still got nothing.

Let‘s see how long it‘ll take them. :>


It’s Monday


It will be out today unless they have to do a manual review, at what time today? I don’t know.


Why do I have a feeling that we will get nothing?


Because Ludia has turned you into a pessimistic sole? Don’t blame ya lol. But i’m sure they’ll come through.


I don’t hold any hope atm… And if we get them they will be wrong


4pm eastern time and still no alliance mission rewards. Why am I not surprised?


This is the last i saw from Ludia:

UPDATE 2: Rewards for Alliance Missions have not yet been sent. We are currently gathering the necessary data and more information will come shortly.


A little cash was a nice gesture for our patience :slightly_smiling_face:


Easily pleased? :joy:


Just got the defense reward, where is the exploration reward? lol


Just blew up again. Had 6 days left for the new alliance missions and it just went to 0 days. No reward received. This was a great idea that was poorly executed I am afraid.