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What happened to alliance rewards


They shut them down on purpose.


Oops - I spoke too soon! Just showed up.


Thanks Piere87. Makes sense, was just surprised not to have received anything - but I was wrong - it just showed up. I do think the Alliance Rewards are a good idea if they can get them working properly. Hopefully those are not all the rewards though. I got really bad (useless) DNA, not what was shown in the reward levels.

Maybe it is because I complained? :wink:


I think they are fixing the problem and the only way to do so is to take it offline fully… so everyone got rewards in inbox for the rank they where and when it’s back online normally the bug will be fixed… everything works with codes so they only have the choice to fully go offline with it to set the code right… if i’m right


Ya we all pretty much have had 2 accept it but one quick question y did they take out event incubators from the store? Why/how does the alliance mission incubators tie into the event incubators in the store?