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What happened to alliance rewards


Were were super close to locking in rank 5 of exploration too. >:(


exactly same with out alliance


Reset to level 1


Yes that doesn’t explain it for those of you who had their progress reset. As I shared in my case that didn’t happen. (Are you the leader of your Alliance btw?)


I’m confused. How do you collect the alliance mission incubator?


No im a member


We are having the same issue! Ludia, please communicate something to you community about this!


I couldn’t collect an incubator…just the awards per task again.


I was able to click on one of the incubators and it gave me reward dna, but only one incubator. I’m not the Leader just a member.


Ok perhaps worth checking with you Leader if he had the same expierence as I did…(if you haven’t already that is)


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Sounds like almost everyone has a different experience unrelated to Leader/member status…


Im the leader of my alliance and I got no notification about the alliance mission incubator being done AND nobody in my alliance was able to collect it. I was pretty sure we still had a day left too. I don’t know what happened.


Im leader too and i didnt get any Notification



Are they TRYING to destroy this wonderful game?


Now my missions are completely gone. Says 0 days 0 hours! After messing up as we were finishing rank 5. Only short epic dna and then boom into rank 5.


Well, hopefully it’s a bug if it’s happening to everyone (our alliance too), so they need to fix it or compesate it with something, or else they’ll have an uprising to deal with :smile:


Same and took the journey to the park, just started a rare capsule ugh…they will fix it, they gotta!


Did anyone report this as an official buv?


Yeah we had 2 missions left, I collected coins from one that was just finished, and then the screen showed everything back to zero. Now it just looks like everyone else’s…

Huge bummer. I’m seriously praying it’s just a temporary glitch.