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What happened to alliance rewards


Same here. It also looked like they were reset completely, but now I got nothing.


Its clearly a glitch in the coding it will be sorted soon. In the mean time just think about next weeks dinos as ludia sorts it out… on monday :smiley:


:clap: it’s :clap: probably :clap: just :clap: a :clap: mistake :clap:


I assume its a glitch and Ludia will let us know once they figure out what happened. In any case, I believe we all deserve free incubators now for the scare.

Everyone let’s chant this together: What do we want?! Free incubators! When do we want it? Now!


Everyone thinking they “didnt get to collect”… its because it wasnt over!! There was over 24 hours left. If u havent realized this was a major glitch…


We can’t complete those missions now. ;/



We’ve discovered the issue.

It’s Ludia.

“We’re working on it.”

Lol, just kidding!

They aren’t even aware it happened!

Hello. This is Ludia.
We’ve compensated everyone a free epic incubator, sorry your progress is lost forever.

We’ll give you 8 and 1/3 days to finish next week’s missions.

You’re welcome.


we had more than a day left, then 30 minutes later. poef!


It better get fixed. My team worked hard for our rewards.


Came here because of this

What happened? My Alliance guys are furious


My alliance is freaking out, and so am I.


I’m the leader of mine, and my progress got reset, and I couldn’t claim any rewards at all.


How do we report this to Ludia? I’m still pretty new here on the forum so I haven’t a clue how to proceed with that :joy: do we just tag one of the mods ?


Ludia office isnt even open on the weekend lol


@J.C hellloooo


I would like my sino please. My alliance and I busted our butts.


Come to me @Ned


I think we can all calm down for a second :sweat_smile: and let them actually reply.


Yeah I think they’re pretty busy merging and closing threads about this.


Pinging the forum mods isn’t really going to do much in the long run. Considering all they can do is pass messages along to Ludia who apparently doesn’t work weekends.

Yes I’m upset too for the record.