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What happened to alliance rewards


Another simple day in JWA.:thinking:

Yes also happened on me.


@hardaport exactly


Yes you are right.
Forum mods can’t promise you any bug would be fixed or not. They could only pass these info to developers.
That’s all I learned recently.:grinning:


Same here everything just reset. Should have had 1 day left, and didnt receive any of the rewards


It just reset to 8 days left and 0 rewards.


Please don’t say I’ve been doing battles for nothing for the past 6 hours to reach next level. Please. Only few members of ours did over 300 fights this night.


After spinning a drop…my status has changed again…I could now claim the 1 incubator for Defense but now everything else is frozen/locked(not resetted) and has partially disappeared…


Don’t worry about it, I’m sure lots of players have done, are doing and will do that like there’s no tomorrow =D


Ohh, your whole alliance worked hard to complete missions this week??


The chaos in here is pretty funny tbh. Some of u act like uve never seen a glitch before… suprising since jwa is full of them :thinking:


With alliance missions being brand new there was likely to be bugs. I’m the alliance leader and we have the same issues as everyone else. Ludia has a good track record for compensations and fixing mistakes like this. Let’s wait and see


Humor to forget the pain


Has everyone checked their internet connection?

Couldn’t resist…


We did. They will fix it or compensate us


Did you try turning it off then on again? Hahaha


Don’t forget…restart your device


The same happened to mine and I got the reward earlier( we still had 1 day left), but I only got the DNA from one of them, weird as heck.


did it twice and it just had reset all the missions lol


All fixed.
We get extra time now to do it again.

You’re welcome!


Wow, I just read that whole thread that’s very disappointing. I thought they handled that poorly for you, sorry about majunga! Makes me mad too.