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What happened to alliance rewards


If it restarted, then the counters would go up, seems more like a database disconnect in which case the problem isnt that huge.

also, giving us an extra week isnt nice at all, since you dont get 500 of something else for an entire week :wink:


Exactly. Getting an extra week is pointless when some of us were already done lol


I opened a ticket with support staff about it, within the app. I hear they don’t work weekends so we’ll have to be patient.


This is so bs! Most of my most active alliance members are ready to quit the game from this last straw that broke the camels back. Ludia do like you did when supply drops where broken and give us all the sino we worked extremely hard for which was not received!!!


How is that fixed :man_facepalming: ur back to rank 0. Unless of course thats where u were at


It’s reset to zero but nothing new is registering for me. Oh well… have to wait till they resolve the issue.

At least I got some extra mission rewards out of it. Still… really was looking forward to that Sino DNA on Monday.


We just had a little more to go. THis was about an hour ago.


I don’t expect much from Ludia.

My comment was what I expect to hear from Ludia.

My alliance was nearly complete, about halfway done with the last mission level.

I’m not at all impressed.

The worst part is I’m traveling tomorrow to NJ and expected to play most of the day in a large metro area, which now likely won’t count towards my alliance’s progress. They can’t possibly compensate that, if not fixed shortly.


They are back to normal!!!

is what i would say if they were but they arent :kissing:


First, forget about the reward because its not suppose to be over yet according to original timing. we have >24H more to finish our mission by now.

Secondly, please repair this urgently Ludia. Because time keep ticking the moment we talk now

@Ned @J.C


i just hope we can continue progress while its glitched… no time to waste


This is such a disappointment we where just trying to convince each other in our alliance we could work to get it!


@Sara @Ned @J.C are you there? We need an answer!


No more dumb dino dna for you if you keep playing with my emotions like that pater. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here it is, a note from maintenance at Ludia HQ:

“I was cleaning the server room and unplugged some box or something to plug my vacuum in. I plugged it back in when I was done though. I hope it was nothing important”


Saturday night, EST, the timing is exactly right!

You probably nailed the exact cause…


What I’m hoping for is that whatever progress players have made since the glitch will be added and count when the glitch is fixed. That would be ideal and fair. But life ain’t fair so I’m sure that’d be asking for too much :joy: still hopeful though.


I mean, Ludia, can we get our lord on savior, the almighty God of C O L L E C C, Opabinia, now?

Because clearly the game’s new goal is to add as many bugs into the roster as possible. Can we get a desirable bug, at least?

(Meme belongs to Paleontology Coproliteposting, check them out)


We were already done. Better still be done wnen its back


I wouldn’t be too worried; I’m sure it’ll be easy for them to recover the progress before the glitch. Not sure about the progress after it though.