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What happened to alliance rewards


We were working hard together (Pretzels and Beans), battling like crazy to complete last defence item to get level 4, very nearly there with over a day to go, and all went back to zero without warning, 8 days left, no rewards, Not good enough Ludia. Hope this will be sorted and we get what we earned very soon…


I don’t know about others, but I’ve had a few issues here and there with this game and when I’ve emailed support they have made it right. The last day is crucial in this and if it isn’t fixed soon we should all expect the max rewards and they should give it to us. They probably will as it is the first week.


Sorry @Ravensaurus. All desirable bugs get fixed in 15 minutes.


Interesting social experiment… would say my teachers in school :wink:


We heard you the first time. And the second. We get it. You already completed them. Here’s your :1st_place_medal:


It makes me laugh… people bragging about being done with the missions. You want a cookie with your 500 concave dna?


I wonder if they found people “Alliance Hopping” and cashing in on all the rank rewards and then hopping to another or back and forth between 2 alliances. Now that would be a bug big enough to shut this all down to fix.


Let’s not be unnecessarily mean. :grinning:


Thanks ill wear it proudly :+1:t3:


That’s awesome. Got anymore memes like that? :joy:


Just googled what a coprolite is :joy::eyes::eyes:



This forum never disappoints in the entertainment department :joy:


Gee, who would have guessed that adding a new feature before stomping the existing alliance related bug would result in further bugs manifesting themselves.

The whole implementation of alliances has been a fustercluck since introduction.


"Ludia Headquarters:

Official JWA Twitter CEO,

We are aware of the issue and are working relentlessly to restore everything. What had happened was… I sat on the reset button by mistake and erased all progress. The kicker is… we dont actually have a back up copy so i have no clue what we are working on relentlessly. Please be certain that we will “look” very busy!! Okay then toodaloo."


Oh no :sob:


Yeah, check out Paleontology Coproliteposting on Facebook.

The group is full of memes like this one.


I’m the leader of mine and absolutely nothing shows up


Ludia hq…


The same happened with my alliance. I pray this is a glitch that needs to be fixed like the many things that is wrong with this game since the new update