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What happened to alliance rewards


Same here. All of the work and didn’t get the rewards.


This! Lol :rofl: :kissing_heart:



I honestly wish I could say I wasn’t expecting this.

Really, not only am I unsurprised, but I expected some crap up or another. Not from pessimism, but from experience with the game.


We are having the same issue. Really not surprised that Ludia is having an issue with the new update.


They dont work weekends my butt. They are working tomorrow whether they like it or not lol.

I doubt they go into some office anyway, they prolly work from home in their pajamas so not a big deal.


They definitely have an office. And they are closed weekends

410 Rue Saint Nicolas #400, Montréal, QC H2Y 2P5, Canada


Who let Timmy make database updates on Saturday prime time


Im sure they have some kind of backup plan for weekend disasters…umm…right? Lol.

The repercussions of letting this drag on till monday will be very expensive for this company.


Did anyone else notice that the Alliance Missions are not working? :wink:

And here I was thinking these missions seemed pretty cool - lol.


Mine was Rank 5 exploration and Rank 4 defense. All wiped to scratch and no rewards.


:joy::rofl::sob::skull_and_crossbones: I’m dead lmao


Same here:(


When I was checking on it earlier today, it said that there was still over a day left.


I can imagine Ludia having a post holiday party and everyone’s drinking and partying in the office, 2 ppl sneak into the router room for some play, trip over some wires in the dark and voila…a bunch of angry gamers! :joy:


And here I thought the spilled their Redbull on the server!


Good thing I saw this on the forum first instead of the JWA app… Saved myself the confusion, just not the disappointment.


If this doesn’t get fixed, or they reset it. I’m going to be so upset. I spent money to help out my alliance through these missions.

We better get some compensation.


Exactly the same happened to mine, but I only got the dna from the defense incubator, the exploration’s dna disapeared


anybody play pogo before? remember when they did the global challenges and the servers would never keep up. then they just gave everyone the rewards even if the goals weren’t met? remember when Ludia did that too? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: