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What happened to alliance rewards




Why are the alliance missions not increasing? image


I honestly think it’s best at this point to just restaff before they cause a mass exodus and lose everything. Shouldn’t be too hard to replace the current Dev team…



Yeah I spent money to and was thinking the same thing ugh


“We have been aware of this issue, but we can only pass these reports to our developers.
And unfortunately we can’t help you at this moment.”

several months later
We are still working on this bug! Don’t hesitate to send out specific cases to our customer support team in order to help us improving!


I still think people were alliance hopping and cashing in on any completed rank rewards of coins and green bucks.

So once you collected all the rank rewards, you leave the alliance and join another and then get to cash in on all the coins and green bucks again up to what ever that alliance had completed and keep repeating.

So they shut the alliance rewards down to fix this.


Hoping it’s a good thing that DNA and daily battle incubators aren’t adding…


They keep resetting too.
I spent about $30, not as much as some I’m sure but that’s still money spent.


Are you those three coders we called for?

Yes, we’re here to straighten your zeros and bend your ones!

You knucklehead!





Our alliance achievements have disappeared from the game we were working on the third incubators…what’s going on?


I think for compensation they need to add a zero or 2 to the sino reward.


My alliance worked hard to get the rewards. Now they are gone. A new one has appeared but I want the rewards that we were promised. We worked hard and my alliance was at level three and I want my rewards


Ludia, here are your missions:

  1. FIX the bug NOW
  2. REMOVE 5000 spoofers
  3. Dart 200,000 EPIC DNA see if u gone crazy
  5. FIRE 2,000,000 darts see if u need to sleep.

OK, that’s from me, i am sure others will have their missions for you… :joy:


Lmaooo @ # 2 :joy::sweat_smile::raised_hands:t4:
Well said @Calvin_Tan !


I got rewards for our Rank 1 on exploration and nothing for defense because we are a very small group of friends that formed an alliance and the Battle Incubators were not going to be complete keyed.

The rewards are not what is pictured. Instead it was 1000 Common DNA, 300 Rare DNA, and 100 Epic DNA. I received Apatosaurus, don’t remember what the Rate was, and 100 Concavenator.

My progress was not reset until I collected the reward. Then everything set back to zero.

Now we can’t bring anything up and it says we have zero time left.


Ludia mission continues…

  1. Remove dino bug spawn on strike tower
  2. Remove park spawn, as there are players in this world that have zero green grass in their whole map
  3. Hire profesional game testers in ludia headquater to testplay every of your new dino before release

Your current Rank 1 income (USD1,000,000month) will be upgraded to Rank 5 income (USD5,000,000/month).

Hidden Bonus: Rank 2-4 automatically unnecessary for your mission, auto-jump to Rank 5 once complete.


OMG why are you firing so many darts… No wonder Ludia has no time to fix bugs they’re too busy collecting those darts :joy::joy:


I think Ludia need to revamp and change the drone fixed with a machine gun, not shooting dart, it says “FIRE”, so make us a MACHINE GUN…
Otherwise how to FIRE AT WILL… :joy:


Additional MISSIONS for LUDIA:

  1. Make your dinos CRAWL and do not hop or run or twist n dance where we need to run after the target…we need to FIRE our DARTS…

  2. Compulsory a drop of scent with every supply drop so we can get one dino to dart… I HAD DART EVEYTHING, but no dino is not MY FAULT… :sob:

  3. Have a DISPLAY like POGO where it tells u what dinos are around, so i can RUN FOR IT.

  4. FIX your distance when i dart a flying bird. My DRONE is flying in the sky, i shd be able to get 1 METER…i am not using TANKS to shoot bird.

  5. CHOP the heads and tails of those LONG NECK dino and placed them on the screen, otherwise they are out of range for me to see where is the target…HEAD or TAIL?