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What happened to armagasaurus?

Its still considered a global spawn, but I’ve seen 2 of them in the wild since 1.6 launched and I’ve used around 10 rare scents whilst out and about and have yet to have one spawn. I see what y’all are doing Ludia.

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I’ve seen a couple of them in the past week but they don’t show up as frequently any more. :frowning:


After Viewing This Item, I Joined The Game And Look At What I Met:

Lucky! I’ve literally spent 2k cash on hunting for one haha - maybe it’s because of the increased tentorex spawns?

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I got one today from a common scent. It was a para, then I darted something else and when I went back to the map it was Armaga.

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Probably yes! :slight_smile:

i see them everywhere. sometimes i dont even bother catching

Tenonto spawns are actually park spawns only now. And in case you think about the tenontorex event, this week is dilo g2s turn. Tenonto going to be next week :wink:
Btw amarga is very common for me…but its DAY only global spawn

Actually, they specified TenontoREX, spawns!!

Yeah, ive seen that. Prob a mistype

Probably not, actually. They were probably talking about the current Hybrid Pursuit, which is Tenontorex. This would simply include Dilo Gen 2, T-Rex Gen 2 from last week, and next week’s Tenontosaurus.

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That’s what I was referring to - the T. rex last week taking over the amargas potential spawns.

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Well yes, that was the case for me too. Until 1.6.

Might be what happened to velociraptor in 1.5. It was still a global common, but it appeared less frequently than global rares.

Still plenty of them in my area.

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