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What happened to Creature File?

Hi everyone! It’s me, Apple. Now, I know that y’all (well, some) are waiting for the next creature to come, or something like that, but didn’t at all, so what happened? Well, after I did a Creature File on Germanodactylus, I realized that I’m starting to feel lazy about continuing it after it. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love doing stuff like this. So, does that mean that I am going back doing Creature File? Unfortunately, the answer is no. Why? As mentioned before, I’m starting to feel lazy, and lost my motivation on doing it. With the released of Compsognathus, and the upcoming Urvogel, I feel like that I should stop doing it. Also, some obscure creatures that I want to do is well… too obscure, and only show bones. I’m sorry that y’all are upset that Creature File has come to an end. I hope you understand everything, and realized what I mean.


No worries, it was good while it lasted :relaxed:

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Thanks. Not everything lasts forever

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