What happened to daily spawns?

Ever since the update I have noticed the daily creatures are not adhering to their respective days and have been well…every day. Is this another error caused by the update?

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If you are referring to Iguanodon, it’s the hybrid pursuit of the week

I noticed Elasmotherium out today when it’s a Tuesday spawn. Although I won’t complain since I need it

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I know about Iguanodon but it’s Ankylosaurus Gen 2, Elasmotherium, Ophicodon, and at one point a Entelodon that I have seen on days they don’t spawn

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Yeap, every single day new daily creatures show up, but those from previous days don’t disappear…

Please fix this bug only after we have had Tany for several days, since its spawns have been blocked today by useless worms, thanks

I was just noticing this as well; saw some Tanys and Lions out there this morning and lots of Elasmotherium last night as well. @Ned

Yes. I’ve also seen all kinds of daily creatures, on different days. Which for me isn’t bad, but it’s just not supposed to happen I think.

This could be an unannounced feature with the lockdowns many are facing… since dailys arent scentable… making them temporary global spawns gives more chances to get what you want just from a more dilluted pool. Not the most ideal fix but it may be an attempt.

Of course it could be a big too cause its Ludia…