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What happened to dusk?


Is it just me…or has dusk basically disappeared? I feel like it goes from day to night in almost no time. Dusk used to carry into the actual sky being dark for a while…now night starts at 5-5:30 for me when it’s still light out. What gives? Dawn and dusk are some of the best hunting times!

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I’ve definitely noticed this too. I forget what time dawn and dusk officially start. Time to put it to the test.


Its been issued to the mods in another thread so they are gonna start fixing that.


The fact that mods know about this bug doesn’t mean that they’re gonna fix it.

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There working on it… just not as fast as they work on unlimited spins.


Lol, unlimited spins. That was crazy. I still couldn’t get much more than my daily limit…stupid job.

Dusk is pretty, I wonder if it was dropped for the new year event, drop zones would be hard to see?


To be honest, with Dimorphodon being the only dusk/dawn exclusive, i dont really miss it though. I still feel for the players who havent managed to unlock this flyer and its hybrid.