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What happened to Gemini?

I was under the impression Gemini would be getting a buff to its shield advantage move.

It appears not to have materialised?

No, they gave buff to other shield attacks such as Dig In which is now invincible shield… one day they’ll get things right.

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Unless I’m missing something, the only buff Shield Advantage got was doing 2x damage?

So this information from the update notes is wrong?

Yeah and it didn’t get it.

It’s still 1.5x

You know what this mean? Now everybody who has put boosts in Gemini so they could use it as soon as the update was live will now ask for a full boost reset. This will never end…

Ned is informing the team of the issue, it will probably get fixed.

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To be honest it’s a pretty poor show on my opinion.

Has someone simply forgotten to push a button?

There’s also another dino that has not changed, but this one was supposed to be nerfed a little… Add to this, Boa instead of Brachio for the alliance missions. Sure enough, this is not their best update so far!


They might as well just stop posting events and notes and we can just open the game. The info they give us isn’t even close to being right…

Shield advantage will be working as intended until halfway into the patch cycle then they will stealth buff it and it will also be working as intended.

Where is molten rex?

Mortem Rex is Wednesdays.

For me he is not in lybritery ind not discoverd

Yeah according to reddit it’s 2x now

Apparently it’s been updated to 2x now. But with a 2 turn CD

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Which actually addresses a lot of the “OP” concerns

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I just find that weaker. I don’t know why.