What happened to JWA...Is it a good game

Hello I don’t mean to start any fights but is JWA better than JWTG.I have only played JWTG so Is JWA good does it include a lot of grinding .

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Don’t compare eggs to apples, mate. Jwa and Jwtg are 2 highly different games in terms of how they are played. Jwtg is more of a park builder game while Jwa is an Ingress-styled kind of game, with different game mechanics, such as the arena


As a player of both games let me summarise a few points. My experience may be different from others’ so here are just my perspectives on both games, and since you required a contrast.

I’m level 99 in JWtG, playing since February 2020, had VIP. In JWA I’m level 20, non-VIP, Aviary arena, casual grinder.

Park Building

If you want to build a park aesthetic, The Game takes the clear upper hand. Alive does not have this feature. You can enjoy the creature evolutions in The Game, while in Alive this is absent. Creature models are mostly preferable in Alive.

Onwards to the more serious points…


The Game has all bots and predictable patterns. While in Alive you fight real players. The Game battling mechanics are simple and may get boring over time while Alive requires a lot of predictions and quick thinking. Also, RNG in Alive battling plays a good role considering critical hit chance, dodge bypasses, etc. You must have a clear idea of what a creature counters and what it’s countered by.

How Grindy?

The Game, after a few months of initial grinding, gets smooth sailing for most. After a point, rather like the battling, it may get boring and redundant. Prizes are meagre in the end game with respect to effort. To reach a good position in Alive you require quite some grinding, wise boost distributions and investment to level up or create creatures.

The Meta

The meta in The Game is simple, you consider just the health and attack of creatures along with their class to determine how good it is. For example, in The Game, Indoraptors are the clear supreme of the entire game for now. The Ferocity Formulas and data by @Sionsith are extremely helpful in that sphere.

While in Alive there is no constant meta. What’s excellent in one update may become useless the next, either because of nerfs or power creep. Diorajasaur and Trykosaurus in Alive were excellent previously, but they can only do so much in today’s current meta. In Alive you consider a lot more than just health and attack - you consider speed, armor and the moveset as such.

The meta and grinding points are not exclusive of each other; back to the example of Diorajasaur, given it’s previous glory in the meta players might have invested a lot to boost it or level it up. But with the coming of newer creatures to put it out of business (such as Scorpius Gen 3) it becomes unviable. Plus, since a major change in the resilient class there has been no boost reset, that is, you can’t refund all your boosts instead just get half of them back. Now there is an upcoming system of refunding boosts in the form of boost tokens, the exact mechanics of which will be revealed shortly.


JWtG and JWA are two different games as mentioned earlier. Depending on the mechanics of either game it’s for you to choose whether you prefer this one or that. It’s up to you to decide which game you prefer better.


Oh ok fine I understand the difference


Yea, but if you wanna play, just install both lol…
as @Jacelin_the_apato said, don’t compare eggs to apples…
both are very great games…
Why have 1 if we can have 2?

The super hard Infinity Battles beg to differ…

They are completely different games, buddy. Yes, both are about dinosaurs, prehistoric creatures, hybrids, but they are COMPLETELY different games. As others mentioned, JWTG is a park builder game, JWA is an AR game (similar to PokemonGo), so you can’t just say one is better than the other. It also depends on your preferences. Just play the one you enjoy the most or even both! :grinning:


“Super hard” is a strong word. Infinity Battles are challenging but it helps to know how well you can handle that difficulty. Infinity Battles unlock after the final stage because within then you’ll have enough experience to be ready for those challenges.


Well, time. Even by itself, JWTG is time consuming for me as a grinder. (I was used to be one, not so much lately)

So if you have both time and energy to afford having them both, no problem of having more fun. :slight_smile:

And @Jurassic_Fury, no thanks man. It looks waaay complicated for an old man as I am, to learn all of the basics and build upon. :sweat_smile:

As a person who always sees the ads and admires the hybrid designs of JWA, Ludia can keep it to itself. Thanks. :smile:

Sidenote: I cannot imagine myself to go around in search of prehistoric creatures in real life! How can you do that folks? :joy:


This game has no battle mechanics how can you even compare difficulty with one to the other?

I’m surprised also at how people think jwtg is a grind, omg the amount of dna needed for one creature in alive is overwhelming…

I love both games but don’t expect to enjoy the battles in the game once you’ve had a taste of real battles in alive.

I play the game for peace and tranquility and alive for the challenges.


Well yup it can get complicated at times, takes a while to get used to the mechanics. Honestly I wasn’t trying to force my opinion on anyone instead did say that was just my viewpoint on the contrast which I stated being a player of both games. :sweat_smile:

Moving around isn’t a compulsory need for playing JWA, though desirable especially for new players.

:arrow_up: Once you’ve played a bit too much of Alive, you realise just how calming and relatively much tame The Game is lol.


Darting creatures makes you better at handling code 19s, reflexes have improved alot since playing.


Still doesn’t change the fact my game loves to crash before Code 19s most of the time lol. I love the darting concept in Alive, got another 3 Outstandings on commons last weekend.


Sometimes mine crashes upon login now, it’s great when you have a code 19 and don’t feel like doing one, it disappears after I’ve logged back in. :grinning:

Another benefit is scoring a pesky common or a darned building in a mystery pack, crash, log back in new pack contains something less annoying lol.

Dartings hit and miss for me, I really struggle with the theropods for some reason, small dinos are the easiest.


This has happened to me sometimes too.

Dracorex and the other pachycephalosaurs beg to differ

Dracorex is easy 242, cant get higher than excellent on an allo g2 tho.


Agreed on small dinos. The large carnivores are difficult for me lol. Also, the frustrating foot darting marvel on hadrosaurs like Para Lux deserve honorable mention. :laughing:

I wouldn’t say they are that difficult. Once you know the most frequent locations the target appears in, it becomes relatively easier to dart them.

About Code 19s, yup the darting kinda helps to sharpen the reflexes.


Dracorex is so hard to dart and gain a lot of direct hits. I always get below 170 or sometimes close

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Oh that’s what I look for in a mobile game, my couch and I. Resting my feet after a long rainy day. Coffee cup on my side.

But those crashes… :man_facepalming:t2: Imagining a game without them is peaceful. :thought_balloon:

Have you got them so frequent in JWA too?


JWA had bugs here and there but with the new updates, there come a lot more: now that’s something to admire, a feature of JWtG imported to JWA… New bugs with the new updates. :laughing:

A new update came day before yesterday and notable bugs are the raid invites having some issue, alliance DNA donations vanish into thin air which might cost players a lot of valuable DNA, a few weeks back players in India (myself included) reported an issue where neither The Game nor Alive even loaded on the WiFi, got fixed in a few days but still that wasn’t exactly a rare issue.

But like in JWtG, no crashes… Yet. :skull: