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What happened to Prehistoric Tales?

Hey guys. For most of you don’t know what happened to Prehistoric tales. Let me explain. I was having hard time getting the dialogue right for creatures getting their own dialogue for the episode, and I’ve scrapped two episodes which are shelves for now: Arthroplerua and Wiwaxia. I’ve never scrapping them two because I was really lazy to do them. Also, I have some episodes idea of other creatures, like Ornitholethes, Megaloceros, Dire Wolf, Laophis, and possibly the Neanderthal (don’t worry, it won’t kill any creatures). So what am I going to do? Well, every month I’ll be doing an episode base on one creature. It’ll take place after I’m done with the Creature file as my dialogue can take like hours or so to finish. Hope y’all understand. I’ll try my best to get the dialogue right . I’m also open for help for the dialogue in the future. Got any questions? Feel free to ask me. Thanks for reading, and see you around.


Mammoth needs to drop I’m not fat I’m poofy

What do you mean?

When are you going to write another story? @Apple

Soon. It’s mostly based on Tinga Tinga tales

The first story is going to be about megaloceros. @Apple

I already done the first episode, which is Mammoth, and second is Dimetrodon

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Where did you write the first episode? I didn’t see it. @Apple

One month ago

Wow the mammoth is very smelly! And the T-rex is very helpful.

It’s supposed to be friendly

I like your story @Apple very friendly and enjoyable!

Wow you know how to write a long story on your own. @Apple

First: Stop @ me

Second: Thank you

You are welcome.