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What happened to Procerathomimus‘ toe?


Looks painful, indeed.


A gross miscalculation happened there :joy:


This kids.

This is why you don’t splice DNA on drugs.


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I’ve been asking myself this question about that particular line of dinos for months. Lol
All of them do that when they die Gallimimus, Monomimus, Orinitho, etc…

Its like their feet become putty or stretch Armstrong when they die. :joy:


This post is one of the best things I’ve seen on the forum today. Thanks for that. :joy:

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I am laughing so hard :sweat_smile:

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Wow… that looks painful… but funny :joy:


Stretchyyyyy…that line of dino’s last words before they die


A genetic mutation


At least you won


Kinda wish they would rag doll more. Maybe a front flip that ends with its foot doing a little tap dance.