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What happened to the cards?

Where did all the levels and dna amounts go? It’s so much harder now to try and find creatures since I can’t see their levels.


@Ned can you talk a look to this Bug? Thanks :sweat_smile::ok_hand:

I’ve had this bug in the past. If you close and reopen the app you should be able to see the level and amount of DNA of your creatures.

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it happens to me too

Hey Aayan_Savera, there should be a “Default” option to sort your creatures in your Collection tab.

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Yeah I had that on, I never change it. The names only come up for A-Z, but as you can see they’re not in alphabetical order, so it’s something else.

Strange. :thinking:

Could you please try restarting the game as TheAngrySuchomimus had suggested? If the issue persists after restarting your game, please reach out to our team at with your support key and our team can take a closer look. :smiley:

Yeah lemme try that