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What happened to the free restart?

Hello there! A while back when the hookfang event came out I realized there was no option to restart for free and same with the new dragon. Why was it removed?

Yes, it was sadly. Granted it wasn’t supposed to be there.

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That sucks

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Speaking of restart why did I not get my Alpha energy refreshed after my daily reset? I purchased the Alpha energy for 150 ruins so I should have had 6 Alpha energy at daily reset.Theres another game I play like this that your titans energy you pay for or accrued in game are separate and can use at anytime you wish why are we forced to use something we buy?

Because this game doesn’t have an invantory, so there’s no way to store it

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Alpha energy resets to have us all start with 3/3. Before that, we would start with literal 0 and need to wait for a recharge… So we’d need to plan our energies even closer. Be glad for the 3/3 at spawn.

And it also puts everyone at equal level, so if you want to use extra… Better to do so at spawn or 1st full recharge… Timer should show 4h before next energy or you’ll be restarting your timer. Buy when it’s needed and can be used, take care :wink: