What happened to the last 5 hrs before tournament end


I try to stay on Jurassic Runed for last 3 days.
But today I lost 3-4 time in the row, Now I cant climb back to Jurassic Runed because I cant find any opponent.
There’s only AI with OP Dinos.
Feel sad as hell because I’m gonna missed Epic cubator.


The tournament ended a day or so ago, so unless you hit 4k before then you won’t be getting an epic incubator unfortunately.


You may actually be fighting real people with OP Dinos… they’ve just sat out and not fought so they wouldn’t lose their 4K rank ??

It’s gunna be a weird couple days/week as people try to move up into the new arenas…
can’t level up unless someone else loses/vice-versa


If that’s true, I might get it later. Thank you for your reply. :slight_smile:


But I checked on the Social tab, my last person I have battle is still same guy I battle 2 hrs ago.
Is it a bug or something?


you may very well be facing bots …
I don’t know if it’s related but my social tab hasn’t been workin (heard there were a few others on another post who had the same thing)

It won’t reflect my current trophy count, it keeps showing an old trophy count I had several battles ago and doesn’t go up with new winnings
(My trophy count on the battle page does change and seems up to date tho)

Coincidence?? … related ?? Lol, who knows …
hopefully this gets noticed


One possibility is that you lost 2 continuous battle and now are facing bots.
Yes, you can check if your last opponent was a bot or not by checking the Opponents tab/comparing their names with the bot names list.

If you keep facing bots, close/restart the app. That works for me usually.


Mine is the same way, I won a few battles yesterday, but is still showing what I had before I battled. So weird. I hope they fix it soon.


Haha okay, there’s more of us out there!

@Danelle919 I’m glad you got your social tab fixed by the way! Lol, i missed those friendly battles :slight_smile:


Yeah me too!!! I love to friendly battle, gives me practice too😊