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What happened to the new raid bosses this week? Today was suppose to be TRex. Does anyone know what’s going on?

New Raid bosses? Does anyone know when this is happening or is it another bug?

Where have you seen it’s supposed to be TRex?


There are only 4 Raid Bosses currently.


Jurassic Park Alive Fan Group it’s suppose to be TRex the legend that makes Magna and the unique crocodile gypo they have a picture and everything about it.

No idea what the Fan Group are on about, but we players here know there are currently only 4 bosses in the game. I’d advise ditching the Fan Group for news and come here for it instead.

I’m on for both

it could just be speculation. As of yet, Ludia has not announced any other raid bosses.
If they datamined, that could explain it, but just because they are in the code doesn’t mean they will be introduced anytime soon.

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It’s datamined, but probably will be available in 2.1

That picture is fake and just using the renders from the game.

No it’s not lmao it’s been datamined? The picture is fake but not the bosses lmao

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We know the picture’s fake, it’s shockingly horrible lmao.

It has indeed been datamined, but I think that if Ludia changes up the Raid Bosses they’ll notify us when it happens

Like they did about the towers and coins?


Like they did about the local zones migration?


I’ll try to raid the pyrritator since I’m going for Magna, but getting into a raid is painful! 90% of the time there’s always an error that lies about the lobby being full, and for the rest of the time when I finally get in, half the time my team’s got no healer, low level players, and they’re all chompers with no supporting moves.

Hi me Hrf2545

That picture is so fake I can’t even

That’s because the person sending the invites is spamming invites.

Until Ludia resolve the issue invites need to be sent one at a time. I’ve not had any problems joining raids with my alliance because we’ve all learned to send invites individually. But many randoms that invite me just mass spam still.

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Guys please keep in mind these findings were datamined, which means these findings could be fully implemented, could be used in a patch later on or could maybe never be implemented at all, and if we were to get these raid creatures there likely won’t be a set date to when we get them.