What happened to the other poll dinos

Remember when we voted for indotaurus? There were other dinos. Some that looked really cool, some that would finally give some attention to older dinos that have been seemingly forgotten cough alankylo. The dinis in this coming update are cool, the dinos in the newer ooll are cool, but it’d be nice to see the dinos that could’ve been come to the game and give some attention ti forgotten or overlooked dinos


Really wished they weren’t thrown out the window, especially the tsin and alanky hybrids



Perhaps we get them in the update with the new poll winners


A lil theory I came up with about the poll creatures, specifically Titacaulus.

Despite Indotaurus having epic and rare ingredients, it turned out to be unique. Because of this, I think the poll was for a unique creature to be added, meaning all choices would’ve been uniques.

Fast forward a few months later, Compsocaulus gets added. Compsocaulus followed the same logic as Indotaurus in that the ingredients skip forward a rarity to become a unique. But, like Compsocaulus, Titacaulus uses Diplocaulus Gen 2 DNA. Using the previous theory, Titacaulus would’ve been a unique.

Because of this, I think that Compsocaulus was used as a replacement to Titacaulus, meaning one, Titacaulus will never be added to the game, and two, Compsognathus would’ve had a different hybrid if Titacaulus was added to the game.

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Sigh, really hoped scuto would have gotten her hybrid.

Maybe there’s still a chance

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Creatures can get 3 hybrids so there’s still a chance

Actually all the creatures in the previous survey were unique, except for Titacaulus who was Legendary.

Were the rarities stated in the poll? I don’t remember, but I’m pretty sure they weren’t, since lots of people speculated Indotaurus to be legendary.

At that time two creature uniqes weren’t a thing so perhaps titacaulus was/is a legendary