What happened to the parks?


I woke up this morning and was gonna head to the park across the street from my house to get the spino before the new dino event for this week and my park isn’t showing the green event supply drops of the battle station that was there or any of the dinos. What happened to the event? I just noticed the event incubators were gone too


It finished the new one should be up around now


Dude, you have a horse. I would have rode my horse to the park.


There’s always one hour between an event ending and a new event starting where the Event drops revert from green to orange. Don’t let it catch you off guard, but don’t wait till the last minute to catch creatures either. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m gonna laugh if he meant to say house not horse :joy:


I meant to say house… Also normally I don’t wait till the last minute. Slept in today


this is my park so we’re have all the dinosaurs gone Lydia :joy::joy::joy:


Well as we all know, the parks failed and all the dinosaurs escaped. That’s probably why it is hard to find them unless you are Chris Pratt.


even he had to use a :motorcycle: to keep up and find them lmao