What happened to the pvp introductions?

it was niiiiice! and pvp was FUN when you could see the oponent was the same-ish level!! But now when introductions are gone again the pvp matchmaking algo has returned to being the most user-unsatisfying piece of programming in the history of programming (only second to the jwa fuse routine) and pvp is again SO FRUSTRATING… well it feels this way i might be wrong here, i guess the algo is just the same, but even if it is, seeing the oponent beforehand made loosing feel not frustrating at all while now loosing always feels like the fault of a super unfair system…
hey are you guys co-owned by apple and samsung and they use jwa to make people break their phones more often and a less frustrating jwa experience was not popular with those guys?


It was causing a lot of the connection issues so they have disabled it until they have a fix.

I’m happy they shut it down. Rather have 10 battles (9 of them with rubbish matchmaking) than none because as soon as I’m 10 trophies higher the other side decides to disconnect


i cant make sense of the matchmaking… does anyone here ever feel its generally fair matches? i feel 90% of the time its just ridicilous and not a thing you can do to win… the game is obviously very intentionally designed to be unfair… but if i get mostly unfair matches some people must get mostly easy matches? why doesent the thing give me oponents i can just walk over? it makes no sense… i think the one and only way to ever have fair matchmakings is to be in the top 10…

For one, I personally ENJOYED EVERY BIT of the intros. Right after they were taken away, it was back to fighting level 30 randoms that CLEARLY should have been in upper arenas.

Hopefully that fix the bugs some time soon.

It was one of the stupidest ideas Ludia implemented. I’m glad it’s gone. I played maybe 5 matches in the arena the entire time this feature was implemented. Literally everyone with more than 60 less trophies timed out and left me to wait the entire minute.

I want it back actually because I left every time I saw against what opponent I had to battle. Like why would I waste my time and resources and my trophies too if I already know I’m about to get into an unfair battle.

I’m not speaking about opponents 20 trophies above me. More like 100 above me.