What happened to the snake tower?

There was a snake tower in the distance on my map earlier and now it’s a Sinoceratops tower and I can’t find a snake one at all! Does anyone else have this issue?


It was supposed to be Sino all along actually. Seems like a last-minute fix.
We still haven’t been notified by the Mods though.

That doesn’t seem fair to those that weren’t able to complete the snake one before it was removed. Hopefully we’ll get clarification soon.


i originally had 2 snake towers in my range that i was going to do at lunch. now they are both sino strikes.

Thanks for the update - I’ve let our team know and I’ll keep you posted ASAP.


i did the snake one ealier and now the sino one showed up.

wonder if i’ll “get” to do the snake one again to get more useless sino, trex, utah raptor and whatever the other one i got was?

Same thing here
The only strike tower i saw the whole day was a snake tower
When i had time to go there it was a sino tower

If i did that right away would i have had two towers today
Or was it intended to be two towers today?
If yes then :(((((

Edit: so i see… Some had the chance to two towers and some didnt
Fix this please

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I’m getting agitated.
So there are supposed to be 2 epic strikes?
This is just plain stupid.

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There is no Sino strike. There is no spoon.


There are no bombs. There is no Slade.

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not sure what the snake one even was supposed to be. you get a valentine incubator for it, which is shown for sat/sun on the calender. but the snake was only 1 battle and the calender is 7. :thinking:

also, please stop lying about incubator odds. you can’t say everything is 4% chance then put baryonx, koolasuchus and smilodon in every incubator :roll_eyes: :unamused:


WHAT?! We could have gotten a snake incubator if we had done it earlier today?! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

It didn’t actually give out snake. It’s just the opponents were snakes. It was Valentine’s themed inc.

No, no! :joy:
You would have got a Valentine’s incubator, with a chance at Allo G2 DNA.

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which i would’ve loved to get.

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Okay now I’m gonna throw my phone.

Others had 2 epic strike shame the first one was too far

I got some Allo G2 from snake one, but… it’s wasted on me anyway.

I did both of the epic strikes. The rewards were relatively useless, so not much of a loss if you did only one.

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I got the snake tower about 12 hours ago. Quite a tough fight but managed to prevail against those 3 :snake:.

I see the Sino tower nearby. Gonna go for it soon.