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What happened to the snake tower?

the sino is boosted btw.

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Why? Strike towers not supposed to have boosted creatures. So weird.

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I got both after I finished the sino one the snake one started appearing so idk if that helps

Here’s proof also seriously ludia boosts on strike events

Idk maybe its cause they love boosts and screwing us they wanted to share booth these feelings on the day of love

Lol. If that is how Ludia shows “love”, then I would rather not have it.

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I’m jk of course but it feels like it :rofl:

I might be a bit late to this, but I will admit that there was a lot of “weirdness” with the towers today. There was a snake strike near where I live, but disappeared later in the day. Then the snake strike became a lot harder to find. Meanwhile the Sinoceratops epic strike became easier to find. I even found one in range from where I live.

Someone in my alliance was saying that they were having trouble finding the snake strike in their area. :frowning:

Plus, I could have sworn that I did a scent strike today. Am I imagining this? The reason why I am asking is because the schedule says it is tomorrow and I don’t see a completed scent on my map anywhere. :thinking:

If I am confusing this for another day, I’m sorry. Today was a really long exhausting day. :yawning_face:

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OK. Got thru easily actually. Snakes were more of a problem than these Sino gang members.

Used my indo G2 and proceratomimus. Result 3-0.

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No, I did both strikes. No snakes from either incubator

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Looks like the snake Tower came back last night. My 21 team had no chance but my 26’s killed them

Kind of confusing. I did the Sino strike, just to find the Boa strike at the edge of the map. Another yellow one? I cleared both mainly with my Tryostronix.

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I beat the dilophoboa strike and never got my snake

I didn’t see a snake strike anywhere. Also only saw 1 unique yesterday after driving 30 minutes.

I beat the snake tower but never received my dinosaur and they will not answer. Texts. Tweets. Facebook. No response. I should of had the epic snake. I have a pic of the tower that even says it was defeated.

Snake DNA wasn’t the reward for that tower. The reward was a Valentine’s incubator.

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Ok. Thank you for the response. Do we know when that snake will be available

Well, it did spawn in the wild for a while, but that event is over. It’ll probably appear in a future event, but it’s anyone’s guess when that’ll be.