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What happened to the triple scales?

The green scale quest today gave me 25 single scales for both the 15 energy chest run of the medium search and the first level of the hard search. What happened to the double scales and the triple scales? My teams aren’t far enough along to go for the 7000 power quest against 3 of your AI Sawmaws, even if I pay. I had to pay 100 runes to win what was supposed to be a single triple green scale on the first level of the hard run. Imagine my consternation when all I got was a bunch more single scales. I should have kept my runes. It wasn’t that way before this update. What happened? Why did you change it?? Now how do we get our 5* dragons leveled up? Pay 3 times- once for each wave?

That was all changed with the adjustment made here sadly, [News] Titan Uprising | Daily Quest Reward Rebalancing (August 29, 2020)

I agree it’s wrong getting 1* scales on the hard levels. Someone told me it was random and you might get a 3* i that chest. But of the 2-3 times I’ve done it it has only been 1*.

You can tap+hold to see the contents of the chest, though it’ll only really tell you what the chance is to get each type of scales. Normally the chacen to get the 3* scale is only 1.8% or so (One of the reasons why i also dislike this change, they should’ve kept the first hard node as before and only perhaps changed the rewards for the second fight of hard)

Alot of people might be complaining about the energy that we now need to get the 3* scales but there is a bigger issue, so the 2nd hard team has a bp of 7200, let’s assume that there are some new players that started to play the game. I remember how hard it was for me to beat 6200 BP teams to get my 3* scales to upgrade my toothless, but a 7200 bp team? Like dang, personally i have no issues with beating all 3 hard stages but it isn’t fair for the new players.


:wave: Hey, I understand what you are saying about the new hard level numbers. But one thing I think about the recent changes is that there must be a lot more of us who have stuck around playing this game. I’m betting that things like this are changing for the mass majority. But everyone has to begin some where. If you can help the new guy get going, it helps the whole massive Clan! If you know what I mean.

At this point, I have gathered scales that will help me advance dragons, but I appreciate having the 25 1* in the green (for instance).

I’ve been so busy trying to level up 5* that when they have the Basic bouts, I don’t have any real leveled to 3* to play in those games.

So going back to level up 3* dragons takes up a ton of 1 and 2 stars.

Did any of that make sense?

Yeah most of what you said makes sense, personally, I have 1* scale issues so this update isn’t that bad (to be honest it wasn’t that much of a change) but now the new players are most likely going to need a maxed out 4* team to beat the 2nd node, wich is a shame since originally you could have maxed out Toothless pretty fast to see how does it feel to have a 5* dragon. But yeah i am assuming that most players have 7k bp teams.

Ah young Padawan, everything takes practice and patience! The new guy starting out will learn to level just as we have.

I have found they also seen to have done a few tweaks to the Help.

“In order to level up, you must gain more XP points. Get more XP points when you train or level up Dragons, or as a reward after a victorious battle.”

Practice will leave the sting of your dragons!

Agreed, this is one flaw that i’ve seen at some players that are complaining about the TP system.