What happened to Thor‘s crit?

So now it seems that everyone has highly boosted Thors that crit like every row. Except for mine.

Since 1.8, my Thor appears to crit much rarer than before. I fought with him in thirteen battles today abd he critted only two times. I had this several times that he critted like 5-10%, sometimes 20%.

Someone else?

Yeah i noticed it too even stun doesnt work normally 75% is not working sometimes

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40% of the time…it crits every time. :wink:


Mine crits, but usually at the wrong time, as a normal attack would have taken out the dino anyway.
I only hope it can activate crits when the rat swaps in :pray:

It’s not my Thor that 1.8 affected… It’s all of my other dinos.

Indoraptor, Erlidom, Utahsino’s CI, they barely ever crit now. In fact, today, multiple Stegodeus’ have been critting more frequently than my 20% dinos.

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