What happened while I was taking a break from JWA?

I’ve returned to the game,and my first game in the aviary was this.Has ludia(or do we call it jamcity now?) given away boosts?

Are you being serious? It is a boosted indoraptor. Big deal…

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lvl 25 and 158 speed,just at the start of aviary,i was wondering if ludia gave away boosts

Hence my question are you being serious? Where do you want a level 25 indoraptor be apart from aviary?

lockwood estate?

Last update buffed the indoraptor with the bait & shield breaking attack, so many people started using it with boosts.

They’ve always given away boost… event supply drops, incubators and strikes. It’s pretty rare to not run into some pretty decently boosted in Avairy anymore.


Ludia/JC have gone all-in on the Pay to Win business plan.

Its normal

well they did give a stat boost refund token (speed)so that might explain the speed