What happens if I clear cache? (ANdroid)


If I clear data and clear cache, what happens? Anything bad? I have linked my account to my google play account. App is running very slow…Could this help? I don’t want to lose my beloved creatures. THey keep me company daily. OR my precious gold.


I don’t think anything will happen. I’ve cleared that stuff on my games before, and it makes them run much smoother. If you have any Device Maitanence or Malware Software in your phone, run that too. Avg is a good malware.


Clearing the cache i think is fine, but I wouldnt clear the data tbh


if you linked to google account you can uninstall and reinstall and be fine. clearing cache is basically doing that anyway. everything should be fine so long as you in fact linked your account. either way it never hurts to screenshot your account id and store somewhere in case ever need to recover or deal with support.


I thought I had previously linked my account… but I had to press it again and now it gives me the option to log out Googleplay…how do i know if its linked truly or not?

PS: Blue has escaped my clutches. Clever girl.


When and where does it give you the option to log out of Google Play? I’m curious for my own reasons. My son uses my phone to play since only mine is activated, so it has my Google account and his Google account on there. Sometimes then game till pop up and ask to allow my account, we deny it access, then it will ask what account to use and we can pick his account. I’ve wondered if there is an option to log out and into another Google account in case I want to play my own game.

I would also like to know if there is any harm or benefit in clearing game data. I know clearing the cache is fine. I’m looking for things to try to resolve the GPS problems that have cropped up in just the last weel after having perfect performance before that.


I click my icon on the top right with my level number in it then click settings.

so in summary:

Top left corner -> Geaer box on right with settings

It usually logs me out all the time so I never knew I had to log in again…


Thank you! That was really helpful to me to know where I can log in and out of the Google account and see my profile information. If you are logged in there and you see your game, then you know it’s linked! Sometimes I get asked to log in again also with the Google account, or to allow it access. Once I allow, my game is loaded.


I also want to say that I was having GPS problems, so one of the things I did was clear the cache. I also went to battery saver for JW Alive and instead of automatic, I turned it off. I also made sure every single permission was given to to the game. Now my GPS is working again. It was either clearing the cache or turning the battery saver off, but I’m pretty sure it was clearing the cache that fixed it because the battery settings hadn’t changed and it always worked perfectly before.

To anyone having any problem, definitely try clearing the cache!

I would like to know what if anything would happen if you clear the game data though. I’m not going to try it unless I know though. lol


nothing happens so long as you logged in before clearing data. ive cleared everything and uninstalled resinstalled when my game was stuck at loading screen for half a day. all it did was ask me to pick which account to associate with the game and i picked my game account.