What happens if I only level 4 characters?

Does pvp still pull in the lower level characters or only pick the leveled chars?

There’s a separate tab for your PvP roster. You can have up to 8 heroes in your roster that will randomly be selected into your PvP squad. Yes if lower leveled heroes are in your PvP roster they will have a chance of being in your PvP squad. Gear upgrades do a bit more statistically than levels. One of my guildmates stopped leveling at 12 and just upgrades gear. And saves gold for buying the legendaries that occasionally appear in the Shop for 50k. The gold it costs to level up hero’s after 12 is quite a lot. I.e. to go from 14 to 15 is 17500 gold. For a slight base stat increase. That 17500 can go a long ways towards upgrading gear.

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The Heroes tab at the bottom of the screen takes you to two tabs where you set your 4 man Party for PvE and your 8 man Roster for PvP.

@Blazenkks I think your referring to my strategy. I do still level up my toons. But only if I have enough gold on hand that I still have 100k gold in my pocket after leveling. I always level up my equipment as soon as possible even if I’m not using it. I keep expecting that at some point my equipment upgrades become fewer and far between and I’ll catch up on leveling up my toons.

I keep 100k gold and 5k gems minimum on hand in case a piece of equipment that I know will improve my daily game play comes up in the store. For example I was able to buy the last card I needed to get Toms legendary bracers to L3 because I had the gold on hand when it came up in the store for me.

My gold and gem priorities are:

  1. Equipment purchases if they are items that I know I want either short or long term.
  2. Equipment upgrades as soon as they come up regardless of whether I use the piece. I do this because the equipment upgrades start to pile up quickly and it takes forever to dig out.
  3. Leveling up toons.

With all that said, my strategies were different when my toons were lower levels. And they would certainly be different if I were to spend real world money on gems, chests, packs, toons, etc. I had a bunch of offers I couldn’t refuse come up back to back in the store and I ended up with just over 2k gems. I’ve been replenishing my stash for at least two weeks now and still haven’t made it back to 5k.


Thanks for taking the time to type all that in. I really appreciate the help from the vets here with their responses.

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@Glad21 This was pretty much me exactly until very recently. The endless gear upgrades do start to trail off at some point once you start needing 2500 of each common, and once you had started maxing certain things. But I’ve discovered that it’s FAR more important to keep a huge stockpile of gold, more than most people realize. Even more than 100K if you can, and now for multiple reasons.

The first as you mentioned is because of the store. I actually had 4 “must have” legendaries in the span of just a few days come through, all as gold purchases - such as Saarvin’s legendary bracers, etc. This required at a minimum of 160K gold, and it sets you back to absolutely square zero - and perhaps not even enough to upgrade those items that you actually bought. At least 5-6K gems required as well for the same reasons.

The second reason for hoarding gold/and NOT upgrading every single piece of gear regardless of usage, is due to the latest update and gear level increases. All of those items that you use and may have had maxed previously, those levels just became extended indefinitely. While it will take quite a while to upgrade each of those, upgrading the items you do use/intend to use in the future becomes much more valuable now. My point in upgrading every single item earlier was so that I could gain xp and level my heroes as quickly as possible, but you’ll end up hurting yourself bigtime if you go much past level 16’s or so, and don’t have crazy gear levels to back it up.

The third reason is that generally you aren’t selling as much “surplus gear” as you were pre-update. No more selling off of epics you may have had maxed, rares, etc. If you constantly upgrade even useless gear, those sales dry up, and you further lose the gold that it costs to upgrade them at even higher costs.

We can each play the game however we choose, but seeing myself being in identical shoes that you’re currently in - I wanted to just give you my 2 cents and advice. Remember that gold is the true currency and bottleneck for everything in the game, not gems. Good luck.

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@DungeonBorn. Your points are all well taken.

Technically, gems can be traded for coins in the store. Early on in my development I would get discounts on gem for gold offers (I can’t remember how big the discount). But they stopped being offered once I hit some unknown threshold. I don’t usually go out of my way to mine gems, but it’s hard to pass up on them given that they can be used to buy packs, legendaries or gold. I still have a few rares and epics who’s abilities I want to max out.

Thanks for the insight!

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It sounds like it starts getting really expensive at level 12?

So I should start only leveling gear i plan to use at level 11?

Sound right in general?

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I’ve only leveled the gear I use, which changes, and am starting to hit a bottle neck at lv 14. Now I am having to accumulate large amounts. Hence, my characters are not leveling much at all. Although gear upgrades do more to increase the strength of characters, at some point as said above, we just have to level.

Tip: About once a month a 3 day book goes on sale for 800 gems, 600 vip, which gives 360 free passes, free entries. It has coincided with an long pvp event which only uses about 40? of those worst case. If you have the time over three days to run 320 dungeons, you will roll a lot of gold and gems. I stop at the first boss each time for one dice roll. I don’t know what your highest dungeon is. Might be worth taking a look if that book comes up again to see what a few hundred dice rewards could be worth.

I’ve always max sold gear I wasn’t using and max gifted even gear I was using. XP is the least limited of your resources and I generally don’t pay that much attention to how much XP I’m earning. Prior to the update I knew XP was the very first thing I would max regardless anyway.

I actually slowed rolled my XP grinding near the end figuring random gear leveling would get my last few hero’s to level 20 soon enough as I got annoyed at the number of times I “lost” XP leveling gear for an already maxed hero.

Haven’t fully worked through the implications of the new expanded hero and gear levels, but I suspect that remains the case.

As to the original poster, you need to level at least 8 hero’s if you intend to do pvp as app will randomly pull from at least 8 of your heros. To only leve 4 of them will seriously handicap you in pvp.l unless you refuse to acquire more than 4 heros.

You can only level your characters based off your renown. So if you tried to keep like 4 characters you would be locked at like lvl 5. To increase your level you would need to raise renown which will force a character on you at certain points. Your best bet is to pick 8 characters you want to play with and utilize this strat. once they are close to lvl 20 and have a lot of gear at the old max level then you would want to look at adding more.