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What happens to Dinos that you fuse?


Hi, I’m curious as to what happens when you fuse 2 level 40 dinos together?
Do you lose the 2 level 40 Dinos?
I ask because I had a mission to get 7 dinos to level 40, which I did, and then the next day I got a new mission that wants me to have 10 level 40 dinos. Technically I should already have 7, but I dont, I only have 5, so did the 2 level 40 dinos disappear because of the fuse?


If you fused the two level 40’s into a hybrid, yes you no longer have the level 40’s. And I am assuming this is what you did as the only way to evolve level 40’s is to make a hybrid which will turn the 2 level 40s into 1 lvl 10 hybrid creature. And unlock the hybrid for future purchase in the market.