What has changed?

In January, I wrote 6 suggestions on how to fix the arena. The suggestions are below in title form.

The actual post is here : 6 suggestions to fix Arena to be less sad

  1. Fix the trophies allocation algorithm.
  2. Improve the rewards for all the arenas
  3. Add 2 new arenas.
  4. Improve the reset tiers
  5. Add anti-dropper measures
  6. Improve matchmaking

Looking at the suggestions and contents after 9-10 months, what was improved or implemented?

Only 1. As much as it was an improvement, it still was not enough. I am doing well this season in arena but my biggest gripe is having to always lose 40 trophies for a loss and gain 20 for a win. Its fair sure but I shouldnt be matched with players whose trophy gap from me is equivalent to 3 arenas of climbing. Also its quite tiring to be effectively bullying less strong players for 20 trophies when all I wanted as an inc and soothe the niggle in my soul. After a while, arena and PvP in general is more of a chore than actual fun. Anger for a loss, relief for a win.

I did say in my earlier post that all 6 changes must occur together and we see why now. When the top 2 have 3-4x the trophy score of the highest reward tier, you know matchmaking is off. When players who started 2020 in Library are still bouncing between Depot and Aviary month on month, showing no progress and often regress, you know that reset tiers and matchmaking plus trophy allocation have failed. It is human to want to see progress. For a player in Shores, what progress is there besides hitting the next milestone, example: 7800 or 8000. After a while, playing AI becomes more interesting than playing a human. Rank becomes a sad joke. I mean top 10 players is an achievement but improving your rank from 26th to 23rd is less meaningful. The top players have their aims and let them do their thing. It should not subtract heavily from the other 3000 players also in Shores. They might be honored to be beaten by the top 2 and even the famous Apex Predators, but it gets discouraging when you are being beaten by the same top player or worse being passed between the top 20 like a chew toy because you dare to step into Shores to get 1 inc.

What needs to change?Implementing the 5 suggestions from my previous post plus making AI more integrated into the PvP landscape. AI is not for everyone. Some find it cheap and boring. Those people are wrong (kidding!!!). They should be given a chance to play humans if they want so the 30 second timer should stay but it should affect matchmaking. My suggestion is below:

0-5s : ± 50 trophies
6-10s : ± 100 trophies
11-15s : ± 150 trophies
16-20s : ± 200 trophies
21-25s : ± 250 trophies
26-30s : ± 300 trophies
After 30s: ± 500 trophies
After 1 min: whoever is around

Again, this is for Shores and below. Fusion Lab and Lord Lythrorax Lair should be free matchmaking with AI after 30s to not waste time for those there.

A refinement in trophy allocation should be such that it shouldnt be a small range of trophy gain/loss and fighting AI shouldnt be 0 trophies. Currently, the possible gain/loss is 20-40 where most matches are 20 gain/loss or 40 gain/loss with few matches being closer to 30 gain/loss. Open the range more such that unless its a huge power gap then it is extremes. Next the net gain of trophies into the system should be 5. So say I lose to someone 1k trophies below me I lose 40, they gain 45 or I lose 35, they gain 40. This allows more trophies being put into the middle top arenas. Large amounts of trophies are lost when resetting the top 100 anyway so a small glut of trophies is acceptable. AI giving 5 to 10 trophies per win is acceptable to just get people going.

Hope it makes sense.