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What has happened to battles?

before the madness of the pandemic was a thing, and before boosts, there was a time of fair battles and more balanced creatures but now you can’t get that. even though you can’t get boosts until your player lvl ten the lower arenas are still unbalanced, a couple months ago I randomly got logged on to a new account (I got my account back after) and it was one of those days where you could get a premium incubator, and so long story short I had two epics in the first arena, wanna know what else?, other people had epics two. yesterday in the Lockwood estate and wanna know what I fought with my lvl 20 team?? a dude who had a team of lvl 27s which were heavily boosted, in the Lockwood estate match are so messed up these days.

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Sounds like you fought a dropper, or your trophy count is currently inflated.

You fought a possible dropper.

I hate droppers

Literally like 4 points above the 4500 mark and i’m fighting these

Well that’s not a dropper that’s just ordinary aviary stuff.