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What has happened?

I found this when I went on JWA!

No release notes or anything!

i got an update too

can you help me what a supporting key is

Support key is what you use if you email ludia with an issue say you didn’t get a reward. Don’t share it with anyone though, they could access your account and disable it.

Back in topic, haven’t logged in so I didn’t know about this.

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brother my google play game account get deleted by my mistake from which my jw alive account was connected and i have only username and # number etc. how can i get my account again and they want support key that i do not understand please tell me

in the loading screen, a white box pops up saying ‘Remember to be alert while playing Jurassic World Alive’ or something like that. Below that box is a sequence of letters and number. That is the support key.

brother i reinstall the game and try to reconnect from the google play game and it connected but have to make a new account on google play game because my previous account get deleted by my mistake but i want to get my account again but jw alive team say for supporting key that i not have . what does i do please tell me

Hey, DPG Members, I can understand your confusion but release notes will usually only come with a major update! Smaller updates can happen from time to time in order to make minor changes/tweaks/etc.

I can definitely confirm that my version of the game is on 2.8.30!


Hi, @gauravbudhwar123, I’m sorry to hear that this happened! We strongly recommend that you contact our support team at so that they can try to restore your original account. Any additional information about the original account that you can provide would be helpful, such as a receipt for any purchases that were made on that account.

Our team might even be able to locate your original account based on your current account’s support key, so be sure to include that as well. Hopefully, they can get you back to collecting DNA!

I had that last night. I was going to update it, but apparently it was a 380mb update! Couldn’t be bothered to switch my entire wifi on just for that update, so I just waited until this morning.

Maybe it’s something to do with the new raids?

sir can i give supporting key of jw alive current account . sir please tell me

sir can i get my previous account from new account supporting key . because i do not have previous account supporting key but i have my username of privous account or my strick team pics

sir i send a note with all information but they replay that i do not understand please can you tell me what does support team want to say

Jurassic World Alive Support
June 24, 2021, 18:44 +0530
You’ve reached Ludia Support! This is an automated message to open a support case for you. An agent will respond as soon as they can.

If you haven’t already, please send us your Support key from the in-game settings menu. Thanks for your patience!|

I don’t think you can. You can give other information like your name in the game and player number or any reciept of any purchases you did in game

i do not do any purchase . i have also give my username

well i think that would be enough (anyone correct me if I am wrong). Wait for Ludia to see your problem. Wait for sometime. I hope u get ur account back🙂

hey i do not know have support key of previous account . i do not make any type of purchase tell now . can i give email id from which my google play account was connected or any other information . friend please help me

Do not worry if you did not made a purchase in the game on your previous account, but please include some screenshots that you do have

Our agents might also be able to find your original account by looking at information in your current account, so please including your current support key.

One of our support agents will help you as soon as they are available!

sir from where i contact our supporting team .

You can contact them from the game by going to your Profile by tapping the number in the top-left, tapping on the Settings page, then tapping on Help & Support.

Alternatively, you can send them an email at