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What hybrid from jwtg should be in jwa?

What hybrid from Jurassic world the game do you think should be in Jurassic world alive

I think either carnoraptor and the mujunga and alanqua hyprid


the majunga alanqua hybrid would certainly give a use to those two useless creatures dna

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Plus scorpios (Maybe)



(By the way minmi, don’t take this in a bad way, I REALLY respect the way you built your team, and tbh, if I had the coins and a boost reset I would build mine like that too!)

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No. Majunga is only used for one hybrid and itself also has just one super-hybrid.

oh yeah that’s right, sorry I for some reason just though that majundaboa was one of its hybrids and not a superhybrid

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All of them.

Concept of the mujunga and alanqua hybriddownload


The name’s actually Alangasaurus

Ok I know I’ll change it