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What hybrid should I make first?

Which one should I work towards creating first smilonemys or testacornibus?

Er… neither?

testa over smilon, but what other hybrids are you close to making?

Trying to get dioraj and really close to getting maxima.Really close to touramoloch too.

all three are good choices. what would you like to do more of? raids or arena?

Honestly raids are more fun

then i would recommend tuora first. every apex raid group needs a healer and tuora is one of the top 2. (the other being dilirach) there will be plenty of damage dealers out there, but not as many healers, so finding a group should be relatively easy.

I would also take into account of something is considered OP or a problem dinosaur and avoid it, because at some point it will be balanced.

Not saying either are problems, I honestly don’t know, but something to keep in mind.

Ok thanks for the advice.

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If it’s only between those 2 i personally prefer smilo. It has better utility and moves. Mine deals pretty well with speedsters even unboosted, ocasionally swaping and finishing a Thor.

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