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What I like about the update and what I don't like

I have an opinion about the last update this good one is already more challenging and the adversary dinosaurs in the events are stronger and more competitive but the thing that is no longer good and I do not like is that if they made the game more difficult the rewards are still the The rewards themselves do not improve as well and so the players enjoy it because now I have to play with my strongest dinosaurs for the same card pack or the same dinosaur for which I fought with a lower level one is not satisfactory now that they already have dinosaurs of high level give instead of a pack give three or instead of giving a small profit of any resource do not give more instead of for example give 4 letters of bills of 30 pesos do not give 9 letters of bills of 100 or more so that the player is motivated to continue fighting because there are people who stop doing events or lose their motivation because they remain the same or less the reward for fighting with their best beast and that demotivates a lot but if the prizes improve, surely people get motivated again and they even start motivating more players :ok_hand: that’s my opinion and what I would like

Are you sure the game update did this and not your leveling up your dinos/park level?

Once you get to a point in the game, everything continues to get hard (relative to your dinos), but the rewards stop increasing.

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