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What I want the next tournament,daily reward,alliance reward,and my event week

here what I want for the next tournament Scorpius Rex Gen 3 tournament. and the next daily reward is maiasaura for September.

for the alliance rewards is Defense :epic Maiasaura, rares Tenontosaurus and Megaloceros, commons Triceratops Gen 2 and Miragaia.

Exploration :epic Smilodon, rares Spinosaurus and Dilophosaurus, commons Phorusrhacos and Dracorex.

my event week


Yesss we need a continent exclusive creatures event

And I’d love that three attempts on the legendaries I could probably unlock Coelhaast


oh and the incubators are the way they do it but the legendary one i want to be the dodo boss one


Scorpios Rex gen 3 doesn’t have an exclusive ingredient

I’d like spinocon championship, along with sonorasaurus as dailes.
I think compsognathus season would be nice.


oh really skoona!

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There is no need for a scorpius rex gen 3 championship. Lots of players got it to level 30 on day 1. The components are easy to obtain in the wild. In my opinion, rewards for alliance championship should be a unique creature needing exclusive components or a 3 epic creatures hybrid (something like smilonemys or trykosaurus) and that’s a stretch.

um no need

I would make a week but there no commons and rares