What I want to see in a future update

(Context: Ludia is running a survey right now that asks this question…)

I initially tried to leave this empty, because none of the options really jumped out at me (More dragons? New dragons come out way to fast as it is! New game modes? Maybe, but I still loathe the addition of brawl. More space? Meh, there is already enough to hit the 100 dragon cap.)

…and after finishing the survey, I realized what I really want, and (bonus points!) ought to be pretty easy to implement… more quests!! I seem to have run out of story/quests, which is a bummer as they were the main thing driving “progress” in the game. It would be nice to have more, even if they aren’t tied to upgrades (besides leveling dragons).

Another thing that I wouldn’t mind having is actual decorations. I’m talking about “buildings” that are purely decorative (have no game function besides looking pretty) and can be purchased for wood/fish/iron. (This might also help folks that have trouble spending resources!) These could be things like trees, flower beds, decorative rocks, dragon perches…


Has there been a search for night light 1 and 2

I agree, I personally have a lot of wood and I don’t know what to do with it! Being able to buy decorations is better than loosing all of that wood even if the decorations don’t produce anything.

I would also like to see online Brawl!

Another thing would be clans! Being able to have a clan chat, visit clan-mate bases and maybe even get a free daily 20min gathering duration boost to use when visiting friendly bases.
There could also be a breeding option where you and your clan-mate send a level 90+ dragon of the same species together to visit the hidden world and come back with an offspring after a few days. You’ll need a night light to accompany every breeding exploration and it won’t always work. If it works then both players get a lvl1 copy of their dragon. This will give a meaning to the night lights as well. Maybe there should be a cost in polished amber for breeding and a raw amber reward if it fails.

That’s for now, let’s hope this game will get more interesting so we can spend more time with our favorite characters and dragons!


Night lights -> Explo - April 1st - Night Light 3
Collection -> April 25th - Night light 1-2?
Gauntlet -> May 1st - Night Light 1-2?

New quests would be fantastic. I hope they would have a good mixture of long lasting ones and easier ones. I’d also hope a level cap raise to about 160 with titan training at 150.

Clans (or tribes to fit with the movies) would be great. I don’t have much hope of it happening but id like to have more player interaction in the game.

Still hoping for amber to be easier to obtain as well.

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Seeing as they started with #3 I’m guessing collection is #2 assuming they’re going in order

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You recently ran a survey to ask what we would like in future updates, I was going to fill the survey in later but when I came out of it I couldn’t go back to it…

I would like to have a level cap on dragons, leave it at level 134 or max 150. To give the opportunity to train other dragons rather than constantly playing catch up all the time.

Allow more dragons to be trained at one time.

Collections can take a long time to complete and half the time I’m getting the same dragons over and over again, If you have a primal dragon for example I’d prefer it if you’d complete a collection for one dragon and a new collection for a dragon I don’t have, it feels never ending and frustrating.

Would it be possible to do an event like maybe gauntlet or something new were you could complete it and get to pick a dragon you want/need from a choice of maybe 5 dragons this way you could get dragons that may not be available for a long time as there are so many to collect now.

Trading all resources for another including amber would be good to get resources you want.

Also a way of getting polished amber faster, maybe spending resources to speed up or something.

I really like this game it’s just the frustrating things I mentioned which ruin it.

Kind regards

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Great Ideas!! @LeonLuke