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What I'd like to a new unique hybrid

I think Ludia should give Dracoseritops a hybrid and who do you ask I think he should be paired with…muwhahahaha… Gen2 Alisaurus…if for no other reason than to give everyone something to bemoan and make a hundred threads on how he should be nerfed LMAO …no but seriously I think a swap in greater rendering attack would be awesome

O.O Instant 50% max hp wipe. Sounds like a nightmare.

I’m going to consider this SIA idea a joke…


Actually no I’m not joking I honestly think it would be an awesome display of distruction… just because you’ve become jaded by the miss use of DS but when used how it was actually made he’s definitely a contender in a battle …to each his own opinion

I know you’re not joking, I said I’ll just consider it like that :joy:… I think we’ve talked about this before. There’s no “miss use” of Draco. It’s supposed to be exactly what it is = a pain in the butt… And the last thing we need is another one of those. Just my opinion (and many others’, I’m sure).


worst idea ever
if Ludia do that the game will die

Ya and when your opponent has both on one team and keeps swapping back and forth until your team is dust. I’ll laugh and say “it was your idea”.

Surely sway in rend is BETTER in terms of a SIA than rampage?

It will only ever do 50% damage. How many times has your near full health Dino been taken down by a super rat doing 3.5k - 4k damage. I see it a lot

It actually makes the use of DC skillful having to calculate whether the opponent is on less than 50% health. Nerf the general rampage move the impact or something so it can’t do significant damage once in the arena and then it’s a skill to then swap out again

EDIT: What Dino on your team has 8k health?
My best is 5k with the majority around 4k +/-. I would rather loose half health from a rend SIA than have literal chucks taken out of my team but 3.5k hitting rats!!!

The problems are: it would destroy tanks even more than the pre-update rat did (and god knows they have enough problems in this meta) and, as others have said, it would be another pain that would combo with freakish Thors, Trykos etc… not to mention combo with the usual rat!. If the idea is to take out Draco’s SIA Rampage to add this one, then it’s ok, a lesser evil… but have both in the game? God no…

Instant SIA Kill that would be great

Oh yeah. Having both would be horrible, but above would be idea for rat.

Accidentally turned this into another rat hating topic :joy::joy:

my tryko is at 7k+
with 30% armor, rampage is a lot less than rending…

now consider that leveling and boosting your dinos increases their damage to you, and you wont be as happy at end game