What if 1.6 dracoceratops was here today?

someone remember all stats?

it has swap-in shattering rampage, right? so people was nitro boosting when 1.7 released (1.6 draco didn’t change), and taking one-shot to take down opponents. now we have different boost rules/limits.

i remember a simple rampage too, acute stun and regenerate (just cleanse or heal too?)

and no resistance (didn’t exist yet)

that exact version, would it be viable to current meta?

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  • Attack decreased to 1,160. HP reduced to 3,000. Speed reduced to 109. Swap in Stun becomes Swap in Shattering Rampage! Abilities become Rampage, following its Triceratops GEN2 parent, Acute Stun, and Regeneration.

Parat is an upgrade. Sure, it loses 770 damage on the swap compared to DC but it has better moves all around.


It would not be viable. It was already pretty easy to deal with before (SiS or SiD took care of it easily at the time, by example phorusaura or thylacotator). Now it would get destroyed by SR3, indotaurus, phorurex and co


flocks would just ruin it


Forgot those as well.

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swap in defense shattering rampage would be more than 4200 damage with a lvl 30 fully boosted dracobomb.
then more 4200 rampage without defense shattering.

the many problems i see are after swap in hit, lol. the revengers…

  • “no escape” and bleeding creatures
  • high damage creatures
  • resilient creatures (no more shattering rampage moves available from draco)

but it would be a good finisher even for vasilas, testas, skoonas, monolorhinos, and so, with such high hp attack range.

not if argenteryx/coelhaast dodges

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mmm, you’re right. i forgot flocks.

dracobomb to be such “one-shot swapper” like that, it should be 100% swap prevention resistant and have a new move:

  • swap-in group definite rampage
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Then we’re all doomed

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I remember when it first came out and I loved it, that was when it had swap in stun. I built mine up as fast as I could. Then the change… I used it because I had to (was top 100 at the time) but as I got left behind and dropped in the rankings I abandoned it and all swap in damage doers. Now I only run one, megisto, since the remove cloak on turn 1 is pretty great.

Old school DC in today’s game? Probably pretty poor with all the “on escape” effects. Current DC is pretty much a desperate play IMHO.